6 Psychic Tarot Reading Tips for a Successful Reading


You should pay attention to the 6 Psychic Tarot Reading Tips for a Successful Reading, whether this is your first time or you are familiar with psychic tarot readings, there are some great things that you can do to get the most out of your experience. If you find yourself experiencing a lot of off readings, it may be the psychic or it may be you.  A huge part of getting a successful reading is being open to whatever the psychic has to say, even when it is something that you are not ready to hear.

1. Get Prepared

Preparing yourself before a reading is important for a successful reading. In order for you and your psychic to connect with each other, you need to be in a right frame of mind. Negative and close mindedness is the worst frame of mind to have a reading.  Take a few minutes and breathe, focus on the questions you have for the psychic.

2. Formulate the Questions

Before you place the call to your psychic, think about what questions you’re looking to have answered.  Specifically what you want to know and learn, better yet, write down your questions. Your psychic will tune into the energy around you and be able to help you with your questions on a deeper level. Do not be afraid to ask your psychic questions that might make you feel judged.  Most psychics are professionals and should not judge you.

3. Provide Some Feedback

When you have a good connection with your psychic, it’s important to have an open-dialogue and share your feedback. Psychics pick up more energy when they can hear your voice.  Psychics also give the best readings when the client has confirmed during the reading the psychic is on point.

4. Keep an Open Mind

The most important thing you can do is to keep an open mind during a reading.  As human beings we feel deeply.  You want something badly and you hope to hear that you will be getting what you desire.  Only to hear from the psychic you are not going to get (the job, the relationship, the money or the victory) what you want.  This is where you have to be opened minded, it is the energy that the psychic is reading, he or she is not begrudging you, your desires, they is only telling you what they see.  This is where the old adage comes in DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!


Stick to One or Two Psychic(s)

Once you find a psychic you resonate with stick with him or her.  If the psychic tarot card reader has been correct with the readings in the past, even when the psychic is telling you something you don’t want to hear, keep in mind he or she has a strong connection with you.  If you keep shopping around and speaking to a lot of different psychics just to get the answer you want to hear, you will run into a lot of charlatan who will tell you exactly what you want to hear  just to get as much money as they can from you.

6. Gratitude

When your reading is complete, don’t forget to thank your psychic and share any feedback with him or her.  It is also important to your psychic if you share your wonderful experience with the world.  You can do this by leaving a 5 star rating and a positive feedback with Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter or with the company your psychic works for.  This will give you favor in your psychic eyes and he or she will value their experience with you.

Bonus tip:

Psychics get paid by the minutes or by the hour.  You want to be ready with your questions and not waste time with general readings.  This is one of ways psychics use the time you paid in advance to get more money.  Getting general readings are also another way for charlatans to play the hit or miss game, this is done by quoting a rehearse script that pertains to almost everyone in the world.  Unless you are giving a free general reading from a psychic who you never used before, in order to see if he or she has picked up your concerns, then its best not to waste time and money on a general readings.

I hope these 6 Psychic Tarot Reading Tips for a Successful Reading and has been of some help.

Here is a video example of a reading I’ve done with a client who is prepared for her tarot reading https://youtu.be/7w-V9ICG3h0

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