Nzingha Moses authored two books:

Mastering Abundance: A Spiritual Approach to Getting Anything You Want by Having God Serve You

This book will show you how to get anything you want. It will teach you how to become a master in manifesting what you want by having God serve you. You will be able to draw to you: love; money; cars; boats; jobs and careers etc… Whatever your heart desires can be yours! In this book you will discover: That god is the server and not the other way around; That the Universe will give you anything that you want; That you will have the power to manifest anything you want in your life; That you can shift your consciousness from poverty to properity and have as much money as you want; That you can be prosperous if you follow the recipes in this book; That you will find yourself in this book; That you will learn how to let go of emotional pain; That you control your life and happiness is a state of mind.

Saving Souls: A Spiritual Awakening to a Happier Life

Everything you need to know about being happy is contained in this book. This insighful and uplifting book well show you how to be happy and live the life you always wanted. No more sadness, depression, confusion, anxiety, hopelessness, distress, guilt or uneasiness. This book will guarantee your happiness! Saving Souls will: Teach you how to let go of unpleasant past experiences; Teach you how not to be your own worst enemy; Show you why you are unhappy; Show you that when you let your pride and ego rule you will end up losing; Teaches you how to be happy; Teach you that forgiveness is the key to finding peace; Teach you how to bless everything and blame nothing; Teach you to make the choices that will bring you happiness.
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