Charlotte Testimony  (click on Charlotte Testimony link to hear the recording)

WOW!!!!!!!! All I can say is WOWWWWWWW!!!! This reader is exceptionally good. She picked up on so much of my situations–Oh my God!!! She’s professional. She delivers her insightful readings with clarity, warmth and explanations! Her insight is uncanny and she perceived the entire situations so well! She can truly deliver. Please call her you won’t be disappointed, nor will she waste your time and money. Thank you so much for the reading. I feel much more about what is going on in all my situations. CALL HER!!! Sharon G.

She’s very good, and very good at seeing someone’s feelings. And she won’t just tell you what you want to hear.  That’s so key here.  There are too many who will tell you what you want to hear just so you’ll spend more money.  I.M.

Pastor Moses is unbelievable. I’ve been speaking with her for 4 years and she’s always been accurate. She told me that the new friend I asked about had a child. I had no knowledge of this. Don’t you know that I spoke with this man tonight and he told me that he have a baby on the way? I am shocked and amazed. Please call this woman. She is the real deal and will not sugar coat!  cherry

Thank you Pastor Moses, you were right on. Folk’s don’t get mad at her because she tells you something you don’t want to her. She’s usually right in the long run. Everything she told me a year ago came true.  The truth sometimes hurts but keep an open mind. This lady has a real gift. Jud

Shes the bomb everything she predicts comes true she told me about my husband and our problem with money is true my husband confirmed it Friday 03/12. Tiffany

This is the most accurate person I have ever spoken with. she told me that a person I was seeing was thinking about moving in with me and sure enough when I spoke to them later that evening they brought up the subject of moving in together. All of of her intuitive predictions have come to past. Thank you for all of your help. sweet

Talented and very honest! Great reading Pastor! You gave me the Best Advice.  Karen.

Thank you so much Pastor ,,,,,You brought a lot to light…..Thank you for your insight. You were knocking it out of the park today with your reading. I will be glad when we reunite, as u saw, I love my man.  J.L.

T”She’s on point, honest, and direct. She’ll stretch you to grow beyond your current circumstances. She’s become a trusted friend and confidante.”  Jacqueline M

Thank you ms. Moses
“Great service. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an honest, accurate and detailed reading” Jessica B.

“My reading with her is probably one of the best readings I’ve had. She was very direct and hit on the points I needed clarity on right away. Very accurate! Will call back soon! Thank you so very much.” N. J.