Why Tarot Readers Should Not Read Themselves

Professional tarot card readers know all so well not to read for themselves, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.  This also applies to other areas in which the reader is passionate about.  Like getting a new job or promotion, buying a house, passing a test or winning a legal case.  The main reason for this is readers are human beings and they want to be happy like everyone else.  If they see something in the cards that shows them something they are not ready to hear, the reader will try to change what they see by interpreting it to what they want to hear.  On a daily basis professional readers experience denial when they are reading clients.  Some clients are not ready to embrace what a reader sees, they decide to remain in the state of denial.  The reader is experiencing the same denial that the clients experience when they are not willing to hear the truth.  It is find for us to read the client who are in denial, because we are not personally invested. But when the readers are personally invested they will try to change what they see.

It is best not to read for yourself but if you do decide to do so, do not read when you are emotional. The reader’s perception of what is going on is mostly one sided and the reader is looking for a certain outcome that will make him or her feel better.

Years ago when I was a newbie I was in a serious relationship and I wanted to know why my boyfriend at the time was acting strange.  When I laid the tarot cards out I kept getting the 7 of swords, which I knew clearly is the cheating card, but I would say “oh he is being a little sneaky”, but never I admitted to myself that he was cheating.  The end result was he cheated, purchased a house and moved the woman in.
Novice readers who had read for themselves would try to change what they see by drawing another card believing this would clarify what seems to be confusing.  The reader will keep drawing cards until they get the card they want.
Readers also keep asking the same question over and over again.  They are compulsively, trying to get the answer to change, which I see  as a form of pestering spirit. Whereby searching through the tarot books for different meanings in order to get the one they want.   Whether you use a one card spread or a more complex spread like the Celtic Cross it does not matter.  Spirit will answer your question, but it is up to you to interpret the message.
As a professional reader who have been reading for over 27 years, it is advisable to get another reader to read you.  It can be a friend where you’ll exchange readings or it can be a paid professional.  If it is important to you to get answers to your questions that are troubling you, then it should be important to get the right answer.

Here’s a YouTube video of a tarot reader doing a reading on her relationship and interpreting it from her point of view. https://youtu.be/1iRVjyaCjMQ

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