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To ask a question, your question must include your name and the name of the person you are inquiring about. If you are asking a question about a specific job you work at or are trying to get, please include the name of the company or the name of a person who is connected to that job and is responsible for your concerns.

Do not ask any question that has to do with time or location.  No “when” or “where” questions will be answered. I can tell you if something will happen soon, or if it will take a long time.

Do not ask any question that has to do with health.

Legal questions that have to do with open court dates are difficult to predict the outcome of until the final court date.

Examples of questions  with unacceptable formatting:              

(if your question is not properly formatted, you will be asked to reformat your question, which will delay a response. Sometimes, I can suggest how to rephrase your question.)

When do you see me getting married?

When will I find a job?

When do you see a long-term relationship for me?

Examples of questions with acceptable formatting:

Do you see me getting married in the future?

My name is Jen and my boyfriend’s name is Bill; do you see him asking me to marry him?

My name is Jim; do you see me finding work soon?

My name is Mary; do you see a new love in my life?

My name is Donna and my ex-boyfriend’s name is Bobby. Do you see us getting back together?

My name is Amy and my husband’s name is Tom. I would like to know if he is cheating on me.

My name is John, and I met this new lady named Janet.  Can you tell me a little about her?

My name is Neomia, and the guy I have been talking to is named Jahmal.  Can you tell me what his intentions are toward me?

Answers are e-mailed to the member’s e-mail address provided on the registration in an audio or video format or, with the member’s permission, posted publicly in video format on the front page or Ask A Video Question page or on the web. Once a member has received an answer to his or her question(s) he or she can ask another question.  Only ask the number of questions at one time according to your paid membership.  To ask your psychic question(s) via video fill out the form below.

Members check yes below to give me permission to publicize your question(s) and answer(s) in a video format.  Use only one video to ask all your questions.

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How to make a webcam Youtube private video.